3 Appliances that Could Significantly Increase Your Parkland Home Value in 2023

3 Appliances that Could Significantly Increase Your Parkland Home Value in 2023When it comes to selling your Parkland Florida home a majority of Parkland homeowners are looking to make as much money as possible to help them with their next home purchase.

Recently the website Zillow conducted research finding that homeowners who had high-end or chef-friendly amenities within their indoor or outdoor kitchens were able to snag a higher selling price as compared to other homes that did not have them. These features are appealing not only to those who have gained some skills in cooking at home over the pandemic but even to those who are not looking to become the next top chef.

Here are three appliances that can add a large value increase to your Parkland home

The steam oven is growing in desirability and popularity

Zillow's home feature analysis found that a steam oven included in a home for sale brought about 5.3% more money in the selling price than expected.

What is a steam oven? It is an oven that draws water from a tank into a boiler and releases steam into the oven allowing for faster cooking times than traditional ovens. It also has the ability to cook vegetables in a different way.

This is the second year in a row that a steam oven has ranked as the number one most valuable appliance in Zillow's research.

Professional Grade Appliances

A professional-grade appliance comes at a higher price tag but it also comes at a higher quality with some extra features sometimes thrown in. Homes with professional-grade appliances brought in 3.6% more to the selling price.

Parkland buyers see professional appliances as a large asset because they last longer and stand up to a higher demand of use and dependability. They also often come with bonus features that help any homeowner make their daily life in the kitchen all the better. Who wouldn't love an extra drawer in the refrigerator where they can put all their kid's snacks?

The pizza oven

This one comes as a bit of a surprise because having a pizza oven at home seems like too much fuss for some people. But the research conducted by Zillow found that homes with this high-end kitchen feature sold for 3.7% more. Pizza ovens are also not common and won't work for every kitchen layout or home so they are seen as even more attractive to buyers that are seeking out luxury kitchen features.

If you are hoping to sell your Parkland home for top dollar the best course of action is always to talk over the possibilities of selling your home with a trusted local real estate agent. They know the market and what buyers are looking for that are searching for homes in the exact location yours is in. They can help you to market your home to appeal to the largest number of buyers to get it sold successfully.

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