How a Large Kitchen Island Could Decrease Home Value in Some Situations

How a Large Kitchen Island Could Decrease Home Value in Some SituationsMany people believe that kitchen islands are a huge asset to any home's kitchen. And in many cases, a kitchen island in a home can be very desirable. In addition to the most widely known benefit of providing additional countertop space, a large kitchen can be a beautiful focal point for an open-plan kitchen. It can also create a central place for family and friends to gather around while someone is cooking.

Even though a kitchen island is seen as an asset it may not always boost a home's desirability.

Adding a kitchen island to a home can cost a significant sum. According to the website Home Advisor, the average cost of a large kitchen island can be around $2000 while top-end islands can range from $3000 to $10,000 depending upon the size and materials.

But before you decide to install that large glorious kitchen island in your home, if you plan to resell it in the near future you may want to rethink how it could impact the resale desirability of your home.

How oversized kitchen islands can negatively impact a space

Losing some open living area space

Having a kitchen island is popular with many homeowners and interested homebuyers. It is especially popular in open floor plans where the kitchen flows right into a larger living space. However, if a home is limited on floor space you want to make sure that you are not taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen with your island. 

If creating a kitchen island will use up a lot of the space in your open living area it may not be worth creating one. You do not want the kitchen to overtake all of the space in the area. The idea of the open living area is to create an easy flow with wide open space.

It can make a small kitchen feel claustrophobic

If you have a smaller kitchen incorporating any size island may not be the best idea even though more counter space would feel so luxurious. It's important to make sure there's a roughly even balance between kitchen fixtures and usable floor space.

Where there is a small amount of floor space even the smallest of kitchen islands can make the kitchen feel like it is out of balance and too cluttered. Even though there is more counter space it will not feel like there is enough space to function in the kitchen.

So before adding that large kitchen island into your kitchen it is a good idea to consult with a designer or even a contractor to determine if a large island really is the right choice for your home. You do not want to end up having a big cumbersome counter space that creates a less desirable kitchen space when you go to sell.

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