How to Reduce Waste While Moving

How to Reduce Waste While MovingResearch shows that somewhere around 40 million people change their place of residence every year across the country. Every time someone moves it can generate a significant amount of trash. The estimated amount of moving materials used by Americans every year adds up to roughly 90 million pounds of packing paper, 30 million rolls of packing tape, and around 900 million cardboard boxes. Wow!

The fewer packing materials a person uses the better it is for the environment and the easier it is for the person moving. It does not cost as much money, it does not take as much effort to throw or give materials away, and it does not take up as much space. 

Here are Some Ways to Reduce Waste While Moving

Go Thorugh Your Belongings Before Moving

A great way to make getting things from your old home to your new one much easier is to sort through your belongings before you move them. Going through your stuff and deciding what you will need in your new home and what you no longer want or will not need after you move will cut down on the time and materials needed to pack things. 

Go through your things and discard stuff you haven't used in some time, either recycle it to companies that will turn it into something new or give it away to charities or friends that could use those items. 

Look For Used Boxes

When we are in a hurry we tend to just purchase something we need brand new without even thinking about it. When it comes to boxes for moving you can actually find used moving boxes. One of the largest material expenses of moving is paying for boxes. You could save a large amount by finding boxes to reuse while also keeping them from becoming trash. 

Look for boxes from people that have just moved. Sometimes you can find people getting rid of boxes on websites like Nextdoor or in Buy Nothing Facebook Groups. You can also find them at stores that no longer need them. 

Get Creative with Wrapping

Instead of cushioning all of your breakables in brand-new bubble wrap or packing paper, how about using kitchen towels, or a blanket? There are many things in your home you own that can be used to wrap fragile items and it will save space. You might also be able to find used bubble wrap the same way you found cardboard boxes. 

Do Homework on Moving Companies

Some moving companies will have a more green and earth-friendly approach to their services. Check out moving companies in your area if you plan to hire one and see what their practices are for saving the number of materials they use. 

Not only does using less waste make a lesser impact on the planet, but it can also save money and space in your packing efforts. For more information on purchasing a home in Parkland please contact us any time. 

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