Should You Install a UV Light in Your HVAC System?

Should You Install a UV Light in Your HVAC System?With the health concerns brought on over the last years around the world, some Parkland homeowners are wondering how they might keep their homes cleaner to combat bringing illness into the home. One of the ways to do this that is gaining popularity is installing a UV Light in your HVAC system. 

How a UV Light in Your HVAC System is Beneficial

The purpose of a UV Light installed in an HVAC system is to clean and sanitize all of the air that runs through the system and as such keep the air circulating in the entire house as clean as possible. 

UV or ultraviolet lights have been used for sterilization since the late 1800s. They were highly utilized at the turn of the century when tuberculosis was on the rise and they were discovered to be helpful and played a key role in disinfecting hospital equipment to prevent the spread of the disease at the time.

A UV light made specifically for an HVAC system uses a special type of high-frequency low wavelength light called UV-C. This light destroys nucleic acids that makeup DNA in harmful airborne bacteria to sanitize air as it passes through your system in the home. These lights can also inhibit the growth of mold which also helps to prevent a whole other set of respiratory illnesses. They can also eliminate volatile organic compounds that cause unpleasant odors. 

Installing a UV light in an HVAC system

UV lights can be installed close to the actual furnace or they can be installed in several areas all throughout the ductwork. Installing more than one light of course will cost more. Many homes simply need one UV light system installed in the air handler's return air duct. This will sanitize the air whether the AC or the heat is on.

Installing a UV light in your HVAC system can be done on your own as long as you have made the right preparations by making sure you have thoroughly read the instructions and have the proper tools needed to do so. You can also call a contractor to help you install the light in your system. There are some safety considerations to make sure you take because UV lights can be harmful to your skin and eyes.

It is important to wear the proper safety eyewear and have your skin covered when installing. You also want to make sure that the light is installed in an area of the system that cannot be seen when you are going through your home doing normal day-to-day activities. It needs to be tucked into the system where it is not creating exposure. 

How much can you expect to pay for a UV light?

It is fairly affordable to install a UV light in your HVAC system. Especially if you compare it to the cost of other filtration systems and air purifiers for your home. The initial installation cost is anywhere between 200 and $600 if you choose a coil sanitizing light. It is between 250 and $700 for air sanitizing lights. These estimates are based upon hiring help to have you install the system.

What to know about the general upkeep of UV lights

These systems are great for sanitizing the air in your home and come at a budget-friendly cost but you also want to be aware of the upkeep required for these systems as well when factoring in costs and whether you are up to the task of maintenance.

UV light bulbs need to be replaced at least once a year the lightbulbs can cost anywhere from $10-$75 depending upon the system. They will increase the monthly energy bill between $15 and $30 depending on how many lights you are operating. You also want to make sure that you are cleaning the light system every three months. You can do this by turning off your HVAC system and removing the lamp and wiping it down with a soft cloth.

There are many ways to make your home cleaner and germ-free. Installing UV lights in your HVAC is one helpful way to ensure the air in your home is as clean as possible.

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