The Newest Plans and Decisions for Parkland's Former Heron Bay Golf Course

The Newest Plans and Decisions for Parkland's Former Heron Bay Golf CourseHeron Bay has long been the city of Parkland's largest residential neighborhood. When first developed, the neighborhood featured a series of Parkland's most impressive luxury homes centered around a large golf course and two country club-style clubhouses. Since then the golf course land has been sold to the city of Parkland. 

The city purchased the land to help deter a private company from purchasing it and developing it without the best interests of the residents of Parkland who a majority wanted the area to retain its charm. The city of Parkland prides itself on remaining park-like with a healthy balance of residential, commercial, and green spaces. 

The Newest Approved Plans 

Since the city purchased the land from the former owner last fall in 2022 many developers have submitted plans for a couple of different parcels of the old golf course land. One is for plans to build commercial space as a Parkland Place Town Center and the other is for residential development of the dogleg section of the old golf course. 

Latest Plans for Parkland Place Town Center

The Parkland Place Town Center will be a new commercial area built on 33 acres of the old golf course at Coral Ridge Drive and Nob Hill Road just north of Heron Bay Boulevard. The city has decided to move forward with the development plans submitted by the company 505Design

The city council believes that the plans and process for development submitted by 505Design will allow the city of Parkland to maintain Parkland's beloved identity and integrity while providing the city with positive growth.

The city met to look over development proposals on April 4th, 2023 and has thought over the plans since. During an interview process, the city made its final decision to approve the plans submitted by 505Design. The second runner-up was Torti Gallas and Partners. 

The Mayor of Parkland, Rich Walker believes that the new Town Center will help provide Parkland residents with more to do and will help to expand the tax base in the city. He also mentioned they will bring in a consultant and engage with residents to ensure the project is kept to focusing on retaining Parkland's community and culture. The commission has already had discussions about incorporating more green space into the development plans. 

Newest Decisions on the Dogleg Section of the Golf Course

The city received several different proposals to develop the 20+ acres of land that made up the dog leg portion of the former Heron Bay Golf Course. With the help of Colliers International, they narrowed 11 proposals down to a final four. Since looking over the top proposals the city has decided to go with the development plan presented by the Toll Brothers company. 

The council believed the plan given by Toll Brothers listen to the commission and made plans for everything they requested for future development in the area. They also believe a good amount of reliability and credibility was communicated in the plans. They are confident Toll Brothers will partner with the city to create a new housing neighborhood in Heron Bay that Parkland can be proud of and that will fit seamlessly into Heron Bay and Parkland as a whole. Only one city commissioner was not in favor of the Toll Brothers plans with a no vote. 

The city of Parkland will now move forward with its plans to sell the land to Toll Brothers so that they can move forward with its plans to build 52 luxury single-family homes on the site. Currently, Toll Brothers has plans to build homes between 3200 square feet and 5500 square feet in size. Toll Brothers hopes to have the plan finalized in May of next year and to begin breaking ground in June 2024. 

Many Parkland residents are committed to keeping the integrity of Parkland as a small and friendly city with plenty of quiet park-like spaces. The city of Parkland purchased Heron Bay land to help retain this atmosphere and keep Parkland the place that its residents love. 

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