Why More Homeowners are Letting Go of Their Guest Rooms

Why More Homeowners are Letting Go of Their Guest RoomsA guest room is a space where visiting friends and family can have a room all to themselves to relax and shut the door behind them to feel privacy and enjoy a peaceful rest. This room was once a staple in many homes but has slowly disappeared in the standard everyday home across America over the last few years.

The guestroom got its rise in popularity from post-World War II homes that were larger and more spread out. The reason for a guest room growing in popularity some say is the same for its current disappearance in many homes across the country. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a rise in renting and purchasing smaller homes with a lot less square footage as people moved into urban areas. And today for many people in more urban areas the idea of having a guestroom in their small space feels like a luxury from a gilded bygone era.

Today especially coming out of the pandemic more and more homeowners especially those of the millennial age set have turned extra bedrooms if they have one into a space that has other uses. More and more people are continuing to do more activities at home even as we come back out into society after being shut into our homes during the pandemic. 

With more time at home, there is more demand on being able to use all of the areas in our home well. Many homeowners have said goodbye to a space that sits mostly empty with an extra bed waiting for friends and family to come by and have said hello to using extra space for hobbies and work.

Today extra rooms are being used for things like making art, playing music, exercising, working remotely, or taking up a brand new hobby that can be enjoyed within your own space on your own terms. And even in larger homes more and more designers are being commissioned to turn the spaces into multipurpose rooms that serve as a guestroom but have many other uses and purposes for every day.

Instead of the rooms solely being dedicated to welcoming someone to come in and visit there may be a desk in the corner so the space can also be used for the homeowner to work on the weekdays. Or maybe a Murphy bed is installed to quickly have space for sleeping guests but also enable the homeowner to use the space for their own dream-like activities.

It is no surprise that more and more homeowners are foregoing guestrooms to be able to create more usable space within their homes as they still continue to spend more time within their private oasis.

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